Jeffrey Johnson - Worship pastor

Before Christ, my identity rested in power lifting, academic performance, and girls. While these things can be good in there proper contexts, it wasn't until the conviction of the Holy Spirit came upon me that I realized these things cannot save me from my sin. I realized, through the work of the Holy Spirit, that my sin was separating me from God and that I was destined for eternal separation from God (Romans 3:23). Thankfully, through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, I have placed my faith in Him and I am forever secure in my salvation (Romans 3:21-26). My identify is no longer in the things mentioned above, but in Christ. I no longer live to perform or to please man but to serve my God. I learned that our works cannot earn us favor with God, only by placing our faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, do we regain favor with God (Romans 3:20).  

In college, I got involved with a great church and a campus ministry called Campus Crusade for Christ where I began to grow spiritually and learn more about what a life of serving God looks like. I picked up the guitar, leading worship for our Thursday night meetings, began to share my faith with students on campus, and served in my church as the worship leader. Near the end of my college career, the Lord called me into the ministry. Realizing I needed the training and education to serve a church well, I moved to Louisville, KY to study at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where I met God's greatest gift of all to me, my lovely wife, Hannah. Hannah and I married in September 2015 and graduated from SBTS in May 2016 completing our Masters Degrees. 

We are now new parents and love our life together here in Cecilia, KY serving this wonderful church. In our free time, you can find me listening to music or working on projects and you can find my wife antiquing.

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Bonnie Rushing - Office manager

My testimony begins as a young girl who after seeing her sister go forward for salvation, felt emotional and followed her. The pastor asked several questions while he prayed with me at the altar. As a scared little girl, who didn’t really understand why I was there, answered with what I thought were the correct answers. He stood up and announced that another one has been saved. Through the years after that, I struggled with the need for salvation because in my heart I knew nothing had changed. But I kept assuring myself that since I had gone forward and prayed everything was o.k. But as a young adult the struggle continued as the Holy Spirit made it more clear that I had not received salvation. 

Finally, as a young mother still wrestling with the need to give my heart to Christ, I cried out to the One who had the answers I needed. I talked openly with Him as you would a friend telling Him that I was tired of not knowing for sure if I was a Christian. Next, I told Him that I believed in Him and asked Him to come into my heart to remove all doubt. His sweet spirit filled the room and His voice was so clear when He told me that I am His.

During the time since that day, I have never doubted my salvation again. My favorite song is “It is Well With My Soul” because I struggled so long and now I know He lives in me. I am faced daily with difficult situations like everyone else and God is always faithful to speak as he teaches me to surrender all to Him.

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Cynthia Scott - counselor

Cynthia, owner and founder of Cornerstone Counseling Center, is a licensed counselor, providing counseling services to Elizabethtown and surrounding communities. 

Phone: 270.205.4499

Fax: 270.282.7153

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