Our vision is to reach people for God, teach people to follow God, and to release people to serve God. We believe our ministries follow this same model. Below is a list of the ministries our church has to offer.  


The Bible tells us that every Christian is a minister of the gospel. Below is a list of church ministries that provide just one of many ways in which our people participate in being ministers of the gospel. If you are interested in serving in any of these areas, please speak with the team lead for that ministry. 

  • Kid's First

    Every week, our "Kid's First" Children's Ministry works diligently to teach our children about Jesus and what He has done for us. In partnership with parents, our desire is to disciple our children so that they will grow up with a strong faith. 

    If you would like your child(ren) to participate in Children's church or other activities, simply check them in with our volunteers in the Kid's First hallway located by the sanctuary. 

    Team Lead: Courtney Langford

    Location: Kid's First Hallway (near main sanctuary) 


    Life Groups - Sundays 9:30AM

    Children's Church - Sundays10:45AM

    Royal Ambassadors & Girls in Action - Sundays 6PM

    Wednesday Night Activities - Wednesdays 6:15PM

  • youth

    In partnership with parents, our desire is to see young men and women grow in their faith and love for the Lord. Join the youth during Sunday school and Wednesday evenings as we dive into God's Word together and talk about what it means to live for God in the midst of the pressures of high school and a ever increasing secularizing society. 

    Team Leads: Pastor Jeff

    Location: Second Floor Gymnasium


    Life Group - Sundays 9:30AM

    Wednesday Night Activities - Wednesday 6:30PM

  • Worship

    There is a clear command in Scripture that God's people are a singing people (Psalm 96:1). The worship ministry's desire is that all people from the 5 year old to the 95 year old are able to sing and worship the Lord together. We don't like labels, but if you had to label us we are blended worship church meaning we do a mix of both modern and traditional worship songs. We take the best from both worlds and blend them together so that our people might sing and grow closer to God through their singing. 

    If you are interested in serving in the worship ministry, please speak with Pastor Jeff for further information on how to join. 

    Team Lead: Pastor Jeff

  • Ablaze Creative ministries

    We believe at FCBC that every form of art can lead and point us to Christ. God is in the business of making all things new, including art. Our Ablaze Creative Ministries Team leads our church by using various art forms such as dramas, skits, dance, and so on to our advantage in pointing people to Christ. 

    If you would like to serve on our Ablaze Creative Ministry Team, please speak with Hallee or Pastor Jeff. 

    Team Lead: Hallee

  • men's ministry


    Team Lead: Pastor Mitch

  • Women's ministry


    Team Lead: Debbie

  • Missions


    Team Leads: Barry & Lana

  • senior adults


    Team Lead: Jerry

  • Prayer team


    Team Lead: Tracie